Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Such Fun!

I have never had more fun at a crop than the one I went to this weekend. It was an absolute BLAST! Scrap-funattic started this PJ crop. It begins at 5PM and goes until 5AM. And can I say, out of our group, Linda, Nikki and I ROCK!! We went the distance! Yea, and had an awesome great time.

Sarah admitted even before it started that she would not be staying till the end, but while she was there, she was a hoot!! I was not privy to all the goings on at her table, but they were sure having a great time.

As the evening went on we got more and more wild and quite a bit louder. But we never got in trouble or anything! Someone (I know who but I will protect their identity) made an amazing comment about how different and nice it was to see the employees of the store enjoying the crop and actually cropping, and not having to "hide" the fact that they were cropping. What an amazing concept. They were truly part of the crop and had as much fun as everyone else.

Thoughout the night everyone seemed to get alot accomplished. I think Nikki won in our group with 17 pages done. Linda rocked on a NEW, yes NEW project. And I really made some great headway on Get Scrappy II book. I only have two pages left to do and I think I can get one done this afternoon. It feels really good to be so close to completely this year long project. I have to say, I am going to work on some things other than Get Scrappy for awhile.

Final details are being checked off our list for Get Scrappy 4. Thanks to those gal pals (you know who you are) for stepping up and helping at the sale table Friday night. We so appreciate your help.

Registrations are coming in. Linda and I had a lunch meeting yesterday and got a phone for 4 more registrations. YEA!!! But there is still plenty of room, so spread the word! Last night Linda and I got together at my house and whipped through a project for the event. It is so good to be checking these things off our list. All the silent auction items have been numbered and catalogued. We have over 200 silent auction items. Can you believe that? And NO, Linda and I did NOT purchase all of them. SOME of them, but not ALL!

It's going to be a beautiful day today, so try to get out and enjoy this little touch of spring, if you can.

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teeitup said...

I sure miss you and Sarah and all the staff at the east store and all the laughs we shared. Looking forward to seeing you soon.