Saturday, January 10, 2009

Only in Kansas

What a difference a day makes. Or even 2 hours. The temperature went from 61 degrees to 40 degrees in under 2 hours yesterday. Today, baby it's cold outside. And of course the Kansas wind is blowing like crazy.

Earlier this week we had three, yes three large trees cut down in our backyard. Each one was probably over 20 feet high. It was fairly inexpensive to have them cut down and just left on the ground. That means of course that someone has to cut up and haul away all that wood. Guess who!??? So Bruce and and I began this huge backyard clean up. Well just like everything else, the project mushroomed on us. In order to get the wood hauled off out of the backyard, we needed to clean out the dogpen area. Yes again! It is amazing how quickly a family gathers crap that finds its way to the dogpen. What would we do with this stuff otherwise.

So we loaded a broken computer monitor, flat tire, old hoses, two wooden pallets, used oil, old paint and light fixtures away to the dump. After returning from the dump, all those collected leaves from the tons of trees we have had to be sucked up.

So that got started. Then of course, there were problems with the sucker-vac. So thinking I could still be productive, I went to the back with one of our large trash cans and started cutting up some of the smaller limbs and filling the can. After 4 cans full, I finally saw grass again. So I grabbed the rake and started "prettying" up a section of my yard again. Bruce has fixed the sucker and is gathering leaves like mad.

Sooooo, when as I am raking up this section of yard and fall over a large limb still on the ground around me and hit my head on one of the concrete walk pavers in our backyard, Bruce doesn't hear me. I lay there for a minute. Realize once again nothing much is hurt but my dignity. Thank God our yard is fenced! I slowly get up and continue on with my task.

Well, a day later I felt the effects, let me tell you. My neck and shoulder were screaming at me. So now I have an appointment for the chiropractor, but not till after the weekend. I don't think I could stand anyone to do any kind of adjusting right now. This morning is much better than yesterday, so by Monday I should be up to the appointment.

Since it is so cold out, I am finally taking down Christmas today. Bruce hauled up the boxes and I am ready to start. Wish me luck. Every season after taking down Christmas, I usually get the urge to "update" redecorate. Sooo, I am sure I see a trip to Hobby Lobby in my future. And since we are going to Sam's later today, it's right on the way -----right?

It's been a good week. And again let me state for the record, I worked 46 hours in the last two weeks and made as much as working 70 hours at Scrapbook Garden. WOW!!!! Plus I had all that time off with Alicia and Rob. And not once did I have to hear Bob complain about possibly having to work in his OWN store to help cover shifts. Some things in life just give you a new view, don't they? Simply Blissful!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Reality Bites!

Well, the time has come. The days have flown by and the kids are back in Virginia. Life in both places is getting back to each of our "normal" routines.

After saying good-byes at the airport around 4:00pm yesterday, which I will say again, never gets easier, we dropped by Bryan and Vic's for a little hummm, liquid encouragement. That helped ---- a little! I found this really cool thing at the liquor store this week. Instead of a 4 pack of Smirnoff Ice, they have these BIG single bottles,mmmmm. So I bought 1, just 1. However, when leaving Bryan and Vic's realized the bottle was more than 2/3 gone. How does that happen? Bruce ruined my fun by telling me that that single bottle was probably the equivalant of two if not three regular bottles. Oh, well, I am doing my part with recycling by only having to throw away one bottle now, instead of three. So there!

After getting home, I got the kid's bedroom all put back together. Stripped the sheets, cleaned the floor, made the bed. It's ready for the next set of company, whenever!

I went to work at 10:30 and worked until 4:45. The last hour was quite a struggle, I will say. Came home and went right to bed. No unwinding that night. Bruce and I met in passing to the bathroom, and I told him not to let me sleep past 11:00 AM this morning. Well, I woke up at 11:30 and he was gone. Golfing no less. But it is a beautiful day today, one not to be wasted. So what am I doing inside?

It's been good having all this time off when Alicia was home. We had such fun just hanging out. They are still just so in love and truly look happy. Alicia is soooooo skinny. Wow! I cannot believe it. I have never seen her so thin. We all know how she's getting her exercise!! I just don't think I am up to that level of committment however. Sorry Bruce!

Now that the holidays are done, reality is life. It is time to really get cranking on Get Scrappy. Tonight is craft night at the church. Linda, Sheri and I are going to try to come up with our card project for GS4 tonight and hopefully begin pulling papers together for all the kits. Wish us luck! In a couple of weeks Linda and I will hit the pavement for donations. Hopefully those who have been supportive in the past will be supportive this year. By adding the quilter group, hopefully we will have a great turnout this year.

I have to say, with all the home improvement projects, holiday work schedules and company here, I have not scrapbooked at all and I am SOOO missing it. I am getting the laundry done today, so Sunday is going to be MY DAY TO PLAY! Pages are calling to me!