Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bruce Christmas Everyone!

That is the Bessey version of Merry Christmas! You all know the story, so I won't repeat it. But anyway, I do wish everyone a Merry Christmas and may they enjoy this wonderful holiday with those they love. Christmas celebrating will be one day late for us this year. Alicia and Rob will be in on 12/26 at 11:30AM --- God willing and the weather holds everywhere so they can fly safely. They will be here until New Years Day, so we are going to have a great time, just "chilaxin'" as Alicia and Rob say. Lots of time just being together. Yeaaaa!

Tonight Heath is coming over, I am making meatloaf. Tomorrow I will do a Ham for the three of us. Friday it's going to be steaks on the grill. The weather forecast says it's going to be 61 degrees. Hopefully that is correct. Otherwise, Bruce is going to get pretty cold doing those steaks! Saturday is soup and brisket sandwiches at Bryan & Vics. Sunday my brother Steve and his family are coming down from Abilene. A big pot of Red Beans and Rice with cornbreat are the plan for that day. Monday night we are having Mama Lu over for lasagna. Tuesday we are going out to Bella Luna for dinner. We love that place. If you have never been, make a trip. It is wonderful. I can personally speak for the Pomatini's. Wednesday we are going to have Shrimp Spinach Salad. New Year's Day is going to be Fried Turkey.
It sounds like a lot of cooking, but really it will be fine. I am going to be off while everyone is home, so it will be fun.

I have to wrap a few things and then we are really ready for Santa.

I wish you all the happiest holiday you can have. And if that doesn't work --- try a Pomatini or two --- it will blur the edges just enough that you won't care!

Love you all!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Decorated --- Not So Much!

Well, this year Christmas has NOT "thrown up" up at the Bessey residence. I was very, very restrained in my holiday decorations this year. It's hard to do that, but easy too, knowing that I got it done, in a day, and that taking it down will go fairly easily too. However, when I look at all the boxes, bins and totes of things I did NOT put out this year, it hurts my heart, just a little, thinking of all my little treasures that are locked away this year. It's hard, but I am adjusting.

Of course, even though it basically went up in a day, the fine tuning of things has taken a couple extra days. Of course, one strand on my mantle gardland lights went out. Could I find another small strand to replace that one, nooooo. So I trip to Walmart and find a 300 light strand. Get it home, plug it in, the first 50 lights don't light up! Arrggghhhh! I made it work but boy is that frustrating.

I updated my Christmas tree skirt this year. When we first got married, probably the second year we were married, I did a cream muslin embroidered tree skirt. It has really neat detailing on it, I think. However, the edging was tinsely gold metallic stuff, which I never liked. But finally this year, I bought some cool fringe that really looks nice on the skirt. It updated it quite nicely. And only cost $7.00. Yea! I wish I knew how to add photos in here so you all could see. Maybe someone will enlighten me please!

We pretty much have Christmas done for the kids, just have to actually go get them bought and wrapped. I am going to have Bruce go with me just to actually see the crowds and know from his own eyes why I hate Christmas shopping. Because of course if I said it was really a madhouse, would he believe ME!!

Work is going well. Christmas hours are in effect and they have not been bad. This is not bad, not bad at all! Even better, a two week paycheck at still under 40 hours a week --- almost $1000!!!! That will allow me to get you all something "real" nice! Click Click! (Hint: Name that movie!)